Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we upgrade to VIP or MAX packages by paying the difference even for those with multiple memberships?

A: No, however you can purchase a Lite, VIP or MAX package, in addition to what you currently have. You are allowed to buy the Lite, VIP and MAX Memberships one time each.\

Q: How about users who have bought multiple memberships; do they need to enroll a minimum of 3 to qualify as an affiliate or enroll 3 per membership?

A: Yes, they need to enroll a minimum of 3 to qualify as an affiliate which makes them eligible for all memberships purchased in addition to waiting for the membership count. You only need to refer 3 Personals one time to qualify as an Affiliate and participate in the Global Revenue Share. However, you can receive more benefits by referring more personally.

Q: Do users/members need to enroll a minimum of 3 to claim?

A: For existing Members, if a tier is already activated, the Membership will pay until those tiers are claimed. Any new Membership(s) or tier(s) falls into Phase 2: MUST Enroll 3 Members AND wait for the Membership Count.

Q: Can the users/members claim their daily rewards if the 1st 3 tiers are already activated in their accounts?

A: Yes. If the tiers have already been activated, the earnings will continue to pay per the current distribution schedule. Their Back Office shows the schedule of when & how much.